What to wear to Film Fatale

At all of Film Fatale’s events the audience help to set the scene by embracing the theme of the night. Which adds to their experience, not to mention everybody else’s.

A timeless black dress with red lipstick or an ageless 1960s suit. Some people will be lucky enough to have found fashion treasure in their attics or picked something up for a steal in a flea market. For most of us it will be about embracing vintage style, accessorizing something modern to give it a classic look and not spending a fortune on vintage clothes. We define vintage style as a classic ageless style, which can come in many forms. An original antique piece, a recreation, a modern piece inspired by a bygone era or an ensemble that creatively fuses different eras or old and modern style to create something entirely new.


Film Fatale brings to life the great masked balls of Vienna, Paris, St Petersburg and Venice. In the grand tradition of the Masquerade, don your masks and hide your beautiful faces among the dukes and duchesses, counts and courtesans. This is a masquerade-themed event, so strictly face-masks and fancy attire. We want you to flaunt your inner splendour.
Your fanciest attire may be black trousers and a crisp shirt. It may be the dress you wore to a wedding, your debs dress or a halloween costume. If you’re feeling brave and creative, embrace the theme of the night and wear something that helps you to lose yourself. Embrace the most decadent eras in history, draw inspiration from icons of the past or heroes of literature and film. Masquerade is for the counts and courtesans, the flappers, the disco divas, the bold and beautiful, the fantasists and the other-worldly.


For Prohibition we ask you to show your moxy through the rags you wear and set the scene by dressing up in your vintage finest or pay homage to 1920s silent movie stars, dames and fellas, flappers and philosophers, or gangsters and their molls. The dress code is strictly 1920s/1930s Prohibition era or vintage inspired. People who don’t show up suitably attired will be asked to purchase an item (bow ties and hats) from the box office shop. As much as we love feather boas, unfortunately, due to cleaning difficulties the next day, there are no feather boas allowed at this event.


The audience at Film Fatale helps set the scene by dressing in their vintage finest, paying homage to either the film’s era or mirroring its characters. While it is a vintage event, there is no strict dress code. We do, however, ask that you embrace the theme of the night or the general vintage style, which will add to your experience, not to mention everybody else’s. From time to time a gentlemen will rock up in an army suit or a lady will wear a full ball gown. No, they don’t get funny looks —everyone thinks it’s brilliant! Film Fatale has one of the nicest crowds you’d ever have the pleasure of being in a room with. It’s not a costume party — it’s much more authentic. But no one is snobby. Everyone appreciates when you put the effort in. Put on your glad rags, embrace a different time, feel fabulous and have fun.


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