Decades, 1920s Flappers

flappers2Self-proclaimed Mr 1920s, F Scott Fitzgerald popularized the phrase Flapper in his first book of short stories “Flappers and Philosophers”. These stories are an examination of the lives and morality of post-World War I youth, with tales like “Bernice Bobs Her Hair,” telling the scandalous story of a young socialite who has her hair cut into the infamous Bob.
F.ScottFitzgerald_FlappersAndPhilosophers_wThe dictionary defines a Flapper as “a young woman, especially one who, during the 1920s, behaved and dressed in a boldly unconventional manner”. Flappers were liberated young women who threw away the shackles of their corsets ,the value systems of their Victorian and Edwardian parents and had a damn good time.
zelda1These carefree ladies voted, smoked, drank their way through prohibition, drove fast and danced all night to Jazz. Speak-easies were full of fast-talking flappers who used a lot of slang. “Zozzled” was drunk, “Rubbes” money and “putting on the ritz” was doing something in style.
Speakeasy“Jazz” wasn’t just music , it was also anything that was fun and exciting.  If they liked something it was the “bee’s knees”, “the cat’s meow”,“spiffy” or “swell”. Their nose was their “smeller”, their legs were their “gams” and their mouth was their “kisser”.
tumblr_ma1xxnIYIY1ryt9yxo1_500Flirting, kissing and sex were not taboos for these ladies who adored the freedom of being single.
 Their hair was finger-waved or in slick bobs. Their makeup, which they shamelessly re-applied in public, was always heavy and sultry. Thin slopped eyebrows, heavily lined eyes and cupid bow lips were all the rage.
Betty Compson -1929-The Great Gabbo
Their attitude was reflected in their dress sense and they wore chic, provocative ensembles that were easy to dance in.