Bonnie & Clyde Womens Fashion

faye 4The 1930s was marked by the Great Depression and the lack of money showed up in everyday fashion. Bonnie and Clyde shows the grittier side of the thirties, the side of the depression that Hollywood films from that era shied away from. The fashion in Bonnie and Clyde might not be decadent, but it is damn stylish!

Like Singin’ in the Rain, Bonnie and Clyde is a fantastic example of the collision of two decades. The film is set in the thirties but was made in 1967. And it gave Faye Dunaway’s Bonnie a new twist. She was feisty, gun-slinging, and cigar-smoking iike the original, but Dunaway made Bonnie Parker iconic for a new generation by giving her a cool beatnik edge.




Great To Be Nominated Series

Bonnie’s makeup is very minimal, but combined with costume, hair and attitude, it makes for an instantly recognizable image. Bonnie wears thirties’ A-line skirts and suits but wears them loose with loose-fitting tops for a more 60s feel.



She also wore slips as outer wear which was scandalous in the thirties.





Bonnie and Clyde - Faye Dunaway 24Her trademark look is a beret and head scarf which she teams with nearly every outfit, giving her a wonderful French New Wave look. Bonnie’s pared-down glamour is extremely chic, even for a bandit on the run. It is an iconic look that has made its mark on fashion.






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