1950s Makeup, The Prom Queen

Fresh faced, footloose and fancy free; the 1950s was effectively the beginning of the concept of being a teenager. Hanging at the diner, drive through or more sinister loitering and gang violence, kids had never before had so much freedom and money before they were expected to become adults and have families. The 1950s Prom Queen is such an iconic image, partly because of movies like Back to the Future and Grease, when the 1980s taste makers became obsessed with 50s Americana. For a more youthful take on everyone’s favorite makeup era I’m going to use a fuschia lipstick instead of red, so I don’t look like Marilyn is lost in the halls of Rydell High!
  1. A light tinted moisturiser will give a glow to your skin and even out any imperfections. Add some concealer where needed and powder to finish. Rodial Skin Tint
  2. Your one in the picture is awful washed out looking! If you’d prefer a little glow, use a light blush to warm up your cheeks.
  3. Fill in brows in a brunette pencil, making sure to leave little gaps to replicate the texture of hair. If you’re feeling brave you can try out the funny twirly ends that our model is sporty, fancy! Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Eyebrow Pencil
  4. Conceal and powder eyelids to create an even tone and then apply a thin line of black or brown liquid liner. Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Liquid Liner 
  5. Curl eyelashes, layer on the mascara DJV Beautenizer Fiberwig LX and maybe pop some false lashes on for some extra drama. False eyelashes look gorgeous without any eyeshadow so all of the focus is on the fluttery fun! Ja’maal Buster Sold Out Show
  6. Line the lips to create a perfect pout. Start with a V shape in the middle of your top lip, turn that into an M shape and then sketch the corners in, starting at the outside and work back in to the center. Next, draw a straight line in the middle of your bottom lip, add some curvy lines either side and finish with neat corners that disappear into your mouth.
  7. Finish with a few coats of bright pink lipstick applied with a brush and you’re hot to trot! Ilia Beauty Lipstick in Neon Angel