What to wear to Masquerade?

This May 12th Film Fatale reimagines the great masked balls of film and literature for one night only as the RDS concert hall is transformed into the epitome of vintage glamour and decadence — the masquerade ball. This extravaganza has a dress code, so strictly face-masks and your fanciest or wildest attire. What your fanciest or wildest attire is, is completely up to you! A simple dress and a mask is just fine.

The magic of a Masquerade party is that you can party with wanton abandonment because for one night only, you can be whoever you want. But what do you want to wear and how will you find it?

What’s your style?

Masquerade is for the vintage queens, the retro kings, the counts and courtesans, the flappers, the disco divas, the bold and beautiful, the fantasists and the other-worldly. Like Halloween this is an opportunity to go wild. Check out our inspiration pages to help you decide.


Audrey Hepburn inspiration 


Music Queens inspiration 


Movie inspiration 


Truman Capote’s Black and White Masquerade Ball


Historical Masquerade Balls 


Vogue’s 90th Anniversary Masquerade Party


Disney inspiration 

Our Top 12 tips for getting your Masquerade outfit together. 

You’ve made your decision and now its time to put your outfit together!

1. Raid a closet


It could be the dress you wore to a wedding, your debs dress, your favourite Saturday night dress that just needs some accessories or a Halloween costume but there is  something in there! If you’re bored of it all, raid your friends closet.

2. Treat yourself.




Head to one of Ireland’s best vintage or vintage style shops.

3. Add accessories to your favourite outfit.


Add a lace shrug and mask for Audrey Hepburn chic


Add opera gloves, jewels, feathers in your hair, feather boas and hand fans.


4. Buy or make an extender slip

Magically lengthen a dress and change the look in an instant.

5. Add length to a swing dress 


Prom dresses and swing dresses are essentially short(much cheaper) ball gowns. Add an extra layer of tulle or chiffon to make it bigger and longer. Tie it on with a piece of ribbon at the waist if you don’t want to ruin the dress.

6. Buy a skirt 



A tulle skirt makes even a dirty old t-shirt ball ready.

These lovely tulle skirts are from Folskter on Eustace Street

Also from Folkster

7. Make a skirt


How to make a tulle maxi skirt

Simplicity 1427-10.jpgHow to make a tulle skirt

8. Update a dress with a petticoat

17022296_1237280132993056_7014461557774864626_n petticoat-dress-satin-calf-length-fifties-creme-black-setrino

A petticoat can turn a calf length swing dress into a ball gown.


Or be worn on it’s own with a top. Petticoats available in Retro George’s Street Arcade.

9. Hit the Charity shops


Every suburb in Dublin has at least one Charity shop but the best stretch can be found on Capel street and from George’s street to Camden Street. Oxfam has a dedicated evening wear section that is often half price.

10. Buy a last minute evening dress online 

Fast delivery, easy returns, less than the price of dress rental in Ireland. We love ASOS!


11. Rent a costume

For the theatrical at heart this is one of the few times you can wear a costume outside of Halloween. While evening dress hire is expensive you can hire a ballgown costume for around €50 to €100

Rent a costume from


12. Buy a costume

Think outside of the box and look for Princess costumes, Game of Thrones costumes, Baroque, Victorian, Glinda! But remember that costumes that you buy online will never be great quality and you may need to take them in or give jazz them up.



Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 07.58.37.png





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