It’s all about the party guests, how to be a guest at a Holly Golightly soiree

I just love the party scenes in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, what a crazy collection of wild and wonderful guests. A smorgasbord of colour, 1950s taffeta prom dresses, bright wiggle dresses, outrageous feathered hats, eye patches and ankle watches. What I really love is the divilment, the eccentric guests and the anything goes chaos. When your getting ready for Breakfast at Tiffany’s why not take inspiration from Holly’s party guests.

Women want him and men want to be him and It doesn’t matter what his suit looks like because he’s the mysterious eye-patch man. You to can be the eye-patch man by simply wearing an eye-patch.

“Oh I’m soo funny”,  find a mirror and laugh at your own jokes.Just don’t drink any gin!

Women’s legs make a very handsome scarf. All the rage in NY at the time.

Dark rimmed glasses and a knowing smile, the ensemble of choice for eccentric millionaires.
The ankle watch, fashionable if not a little impractical. The perfect accessory for a

taffeta prom dress and court shoes.

A beautiful turquoise fitted dress with thin strap for a bright and bubbly Mariln Monroe look.Which may bring out your inner Marilyn.

 An oriental style pink dress with a heavy dose of diamonds screams royalty.

 If being the flame haired siren in the emerald dress isn’t enough… pounce!

Make a statement in a purple dress with red accessories. Drape yourself in diamonds and make that statement “I’m filthy rich ha ha ha”.

Decorate yourself with serenading gentlemen.

Monochrome glamour, matching a gleaming white dress with black accessories. Choosing a dance partner in a bright red waist coat… inspired!

 Hand stands are all the rage in Paris.

 Dabble with a big loud hat. Please don’t set yourself on fire for dramatic effect.
Make an entrance in a stunning silver dress and a fantastically feathered hat.Bring an attractive friend… rich is just as good as attractive.

Enjoy a cocktail.

 Make way for the dance floor.


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