Audrey Hepburn, Key Looks

On screen and off screen, Audrey Hepburn never put a sartorial foot wrong The Little Black Dress Audrey Hepburn was the queen of the little black dress who made it’s simple style famous in a way that hadn’t been equaled since Coco Chanel. Capri Pants The chic simple mix of capri pants and ballet pumps […]

It’s all about the party guests, how to be a guest at a Holly Golightly soiree

I just love the party scenes in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, what a crazy collection of wild and wonderful guests. A smorgasbord of colour, 1950s taffeta prom dresses, bright wiggle dresses, outrageous feathered hats, eye patches and ankle watches. What I really love is the divilment, the eccentric guests and the¬†anything goes¬†chaos. When your getting ready […]