Modern Interpretations of 1960s Fashion





On The Catwalk


mui-mui-aw2014 dsquared2-fall-winter-2014-show30 902438_4OGGLXY85LBT4PYYGMTR8ZP8Q5IAHM_anna-sui-new-york-fashion-week-autumn-winter-2013-2014-9_H145821_L 1960sminimalism 1400250993-1960alexander-wang-rf14-1846__large gucci-fall-winter-2014-show34 valentino-fall-winter-2014-show3 1400250942-1960gucci-rf14-1174__large

Orla Kielys’s Autumn Collection14AWSPD741-Amethyst 14AWWCR744-Navy 14AWWCR741-Navy 14AWTXJ741-Ebony 14AWTXJ745-Ebony 14AWTXJ745-Peony

Retro George’s Street Arcade’s Modern Vintage Lines

bettie-page-dress alika-swing-navy alika- ava-teal ava-purple jazmin

Penny’s Autumn Winter Collection

140516_PrimarkAW14_Press_1-1 30 26_0

Top Shop

35W08GBLK_2_thumb 10B03GNUD_2_thumb 10N01GTOM_2_thumb 10N01GLBL_2_thumb 62Y31GBLK_2_thumb 62O63GNAV_2_thumb 62H24GMUL_2_thumb 62J38GGRY_2_thumb 62H14GBLK_2_thumb



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