The Birds Fashion Look Book

As chic as it is chilling, few Hollywood classics combine horror with couture to such creepy effect, making The Birds the perfect Film Fatale film leading up to Halloween.

Why are the birds gathering over the town? Why are they attacking people? Is it Melanie Daniels who brought them? Do they not like her apple green suit? Spoiled and wealthy Melanie Daniels is possibly the most glamorous horror heroine ever. When we first meet her in San Francisco she is immaculately dressed in a black suit with perfect hair and makeup.

She travels to Bodega bay in her convertible, kept warm by a divine fur coat paired with leather wrist gloves and designer court shoes.
Underneath the fur coat is an apple green suit and a perfectly matched A line dress with a high collar and a belt nipping it in at the waist. She teams this with pearls and is quite the lady even when the birds attack.
Although this dress was used for the promotional pictures and not the in the film itself it has still become synonyms with the film and 1960s glamour.
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