Swingin with The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers in Cork

Maestros of all retro-chic sounds, Film Fatale’s resident DJs are your trustworthy vintage music selectors.

This  Friday we’re off to Cork for one of our all time favourite films, Breakfast at a Tiffany’s.

If you can’t make the screening fear not: we’ll be swinging with The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers from 11pm for our 1960s Breakfast at Tiffany’s/Mad Men-esque party.  Film Fatale’s resident DJs, The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers will be playing all your favorite dance floor fillers from the 20s, 30s, 40,s 50s and 60s.

It’s nearly been a year since Some Like it Hot in The Half Moon last summer but we’ve been counting down the minutes because it was one of the craziest dance floors we’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

Expect to hear:

Put on your glad rags and join us for a night of, film, vintage music, cocktails and dancing.

Tickets to Breakfast at Tiffany’s  are available at Entertainment.ie/tickets 


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