1960s Makeup, The Birds

It is one of the most iconic moments of cinema, when Tippi Hedren’s icey calm is replaced with severe distress while being repeatedly attacked by pecking birds but there wasn’t much acting required when filming the scene. The very odd Mr Hitchcock, either for realism or more personal reasons (ick), surprised Ms Hedren with real birds on the day of filming and ordered her to repeat the scene over and over again for five consecutive days. Poor auld Tippi had to then stay in bed for a full week to recover. (“No thank you, I think I’ll just keep doing cereal commercials” is what Tippi should have said.)
 For the most effective juxtaposition between calm and chaos, any wannabe Tippi should be practically perfect in every way… until the birds strike! Here’s my makeup tips.
1. Use a soft matte finish foundation for the most even finish.
2. Apply a peach toned powder blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend well.
3. Tippi’s eyebrows are quite well defined. Choose a light brunette pencil to recreate the look.
4. Highlight the brow bone with a matte bone shade.
5. Use a fluffy blending brush to define the socket in a matte dusty brown.
6. Line the eyes with grey pencil and smudge to soften.
7. Apply plenty of mascara to curled lashes but don’t bother with falsies. Ms Hedren is far too demure for such nonsense!
8. Matching lips and nails are so very chic and nothing compliments a sage green suit better than dusty peach. Layer your lipstick with a lip brush and blot with tissue to create a soft petal-like texture.
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