1960s Fashion

The 1960s was a transitional period in women’s fashion. Traditional styles like the pencil shirt and the swing dresses of the 50s remained popular and the prim and proper Jackie O look was emulated by many. It was also a time of liberation, swing dresses and pencil skirts were being worn in brighter colors and braver patterns and as the mod look came in hems were getting shorter.

The ladies of Mad Men are the perfect example of the changes in  fashion at the time. Betty’s late 50s early 60s prim and proper  Grace kelly, Jackie O style with a hint of Audrey Hepburn. Peggy who went from conservative 50s to modern 60s. Joan who emulated a more conservative Marilyn Monroe look, a Brigitte Bardot sexy kitten under wraps. To Megan who was fashion forward and into mod style like icons Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick.


Jacqueline Kennedy jackie-kennedy-01 StyleIconJackieKennedyOnassis002 02-Engagement grace_kelly_wedding kelly-with-handbag




60_1114300897 marilyn monroe red rose wiggle dress- somethings got to give-custom made to size-f42158

brigitte_bardot_neckline b13 300px-brigitte_bardot b8 cb8734d177890a32c61aa25e58597a01


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